As Yılmaz Makina, we always strive to provide quality products and reliable service.

By prioritizing quality, occupational health and safety and environmental health issues in our work, we aim to ensure its continuity by creating quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems supported by senior management and adopted by our employees.

In all our production and activities, we address the risks in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment and take protective measures to create a safe working environment.

All our activities are based on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the company.

In order to carry our prestigious position in the domestic and international market to higher levels, we make no compromise in our principles:
• Principled competition,
• Quality production,
• Continuous development and innovation, • Seeing our suppliers and employees as our business partners,
• Acting in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,
• Ensuring continuous development by following Science and Technology closely.

We are committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering high quality products, prevent the waste of resources and time by making the right planning, becoming a leader in the sector by monitoring and following the performance of the processes we apply from production to assembly stage, providing top quality, cost-effective, safe and defect-free products and secure services in compliance with the standards, following and implementing the technological developments in the sector, raising the level of quality by attaching importance to team work in order that all our personnel become individuals who use their skills at maximum level and in a more competent manner, improving our personnel and our system with the training programs given and continuously improving all our activities.

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