Our company has been experienced in machining and machinery sector since 1979, and we have been carrying out activities in defence industry sector as YILMAZ SAVUNMA SANAYI in order to minimize foreign dependency in defence industry.

With our innovative service awareness, we aim to provide technology-oriented service with our experienced staff and to continuously increase customer satisfaction by taking the responsibility of responding to the needs of ammunition and explosives production in Turkey and across the world.

As the project company, we carry out the engineering studies and production processes of machinery and equipment under our responsibility.
Our company cooperates with its partners in the sector and works towards the turnkey establishment of the entire Ammunition Production Facility.

We have flexible production experience that can shape our organization according to the developments we aim for, sustainable growth and the market supply demand relationship.

In ammunition process technology, our design and engineering studies continue in our R&D Department by prioritizing customer preference and innovative technological solutions.

We design and manufacture subsystems with our R&D Department and technical staff. Within this scope, we have been actively working as the approved supplier of defense industry organizations in the sector since 2015. We have the ability to produce with various materials, including high-strength steel parts, which allows us to take part in many projects with our experienced team in machining.

With more than 100 employees and qualified technical and engineering staff, YILMAZ SAVUNMA SANAYİ continues its development by allocating its R&D share from its annual turnover to R&D activities every year.


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