Together with its group, YILMA SAVUNMA SANAYİ has developed projects for many sectors, especially food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, integrated system solutions and defense industry. The systems and machines we have produced are subjected to experiments and tests by our experienced staff within our company or through outsourced services. Our company, which serves 3 continents, certifies its products by subjecting them to European standards tests. Functional experiments and tests are carried out in our company, and all the relevant criteria requirements are guaranteed.  The data obtained in the operation of the machines and systems are recorded for the next projects and necessary improvement studies are provided. The software developed by our company are tested by our engineers on the machines. Our software packages are prepared based on simplicity, functionality and ease-of-use principles. As per its mission, YILMAZ SAVUNMA SANAYİ evaluates all project proposals received in the field of defense industry in detail before realizing them.  

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